How to Tell High-Quality From Low-Quality Jewelry

Sometimes in order to save some pocket cash, people tend to go with the cheaper jewelry option. But when it comes to an accessory that you are most likely to wear every day, is it really worth it going with the cheaper version? Of course, it depends on whether you can or cannot afford a high-quality piece of jewelry.

The first thing to consider is what type of metal is being used. only the exterior of a jewelry piece is plated with an authentic metal. The inside of it, however, is often some low-grade metal that doesn’t deserve to see the light of day. If the plated metal happens to peel off, what you’re left with is that rubbish metal that’ll be in constant contact with your skin.

Another sign of poor-quality body jewelry is the use of fillers. The most common low-grade metal filler is nickel, which is known to irritate skin and many people actually have nickel allergies. Not safe at all. Avoid it at all costs.

Threading is another issue that shouldn’t be ignored. The difference between external and internal threading is huge, although you might not think it when looking at a piece. When looking at a piece, determine what will be pushed through the skin. The post of a body jewelry piece should always be round and smooth, as it is ultimately safer and more secure.

Another sign you should be looking for is a mirror finish. It will look beautifully but most importantly it will be kind to your skin without any possibility of causing skin irritation, inflammation and other generally harmful things.